Business Deal Portal

Welcome Vendors and Partners

Partners and Alliances:

ARMO strategically partners with leading technology vendors to be able to offer latest and state of art technology solutions to its clients. The partnerships help us to service our clients better and expand our capabilities to help them achieve their business objectives. We work as an extended team to our partners and provide quality to our alliances in terms of enterprise consulting. Our Partners enjoy working with ARMO and rely on ARMO for representing the best talent in the industry.

This page is set up for efficiency to collect data and non-competition agreements. The heart of our business lies in business integrity and trust and relationships. Our trademark, hallmark way to a deal is to gain a trust by setting up a bidirectional non-compete agreement in which each of the parties will not solicit to hire the other party’s representatives or each party will not solicit to contact the other party’s clients. Once we have this is place, we can exchange information freely and sky is the limit!!

Welcome and Prospective direct hires and contractors

This page is set up as a fast recruiting aid. Any sale or placement is dependent on data and contact information of prospective employee and a right to represent and pre-engagement non-compete agreement. All we request is that our recruits must not solicit to work directly with a client alliance or vendor we are representing you to and by signing this agreement you agree to all the terms. And we also request you to keep the information confidential as we exchange information on the client.