Employee Appreciation

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some feedback about an exceptional ARMO employee Deepak Gupta who was a terrific addition to our team during his tenure. His outstanding Siebel skill set proved time and again, to be of great benefit to our projects. I started working with him back in late March on the CHS projects. When necessary, he would always willingly share his knowledge within our team! He is very committed, proactive, diligent and tenacious in issue resolution. Here is a perfect example of the confidence level placed in Deepak. This is due to the relationships and trust he developed overtime, not only because of his skillet, but also for his analytical skills. We had a special functionality requirement for the CHS project, and upon receipt of the requirements, the client enquired if it was possible to assign this task solely to Him. Why? This was something never done before in the application. However, most importantly, they were not even confident that it could fully be done. Well he did it! Not only did he get it done, he "hit the ball out of the park". We have not even rolled this out to the users yet. However, from his first demo, we have been getting great feedback. This project will bring great benefits to our business. Thank you, Deepak! G.E.

We’d like to recognize some of the positive interactions we’ve had working with your team. The Foreign Bank Enhancement Prudential Standards (FBEPS) Program required Trading Mandates within the Investment Bank Risk Management Framework. The ARisk IT team incorporated legal entity into the Trading Mandates Detection report in a timely manner, delivering in advance of the July 1 IHC deadline which allowed us to have a period of operating effectiveness before go-live. The team was also very responsive to our requests throughout the process. Thank you for your team’s time lead by Dinesh Pasumarti and effort. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continued collaboration.

Rithwick Varrier is a lead business and solutions analyst for the Health plan services Wellmark on boarding and has done a great job in preparing the various HPS resources for a successful project kickoff. Rithwick has also been performing double duty as he is transitioning from Kaiser account as the primary financial liaison to his role in Wellmark as solutions analyst. As the primary financial liaison Rithwick has been recognized as a key and respected resource in assisting with Kaiser month closing activities.

Diamond eRecognition, Dear John Annamalai, thank you for partnering and supporting the quality delivery of R2C for State of VT! Much Appreciated! Optum, united health Group. Dear DENAKARAJ RADHAKRISHNAN, CoC Self-service, Open Enrollment, Medicaid Renewals, the list of VT HIX accomplishments and future goals goes on and on! We’ve all lost some sleep (actually, a lot of sleep!), but know that both the management team and the client are so very grateful for all your hard work – each and every one of you has had a hand in our overall success! We’ve made tremendous strides and have had many accomplishments – all due to the phenomenal team we have – YEAH TEAM! We recognize that you are working tirelessly to achieve project goals, and we wanted to stop for just a moment to say THANK YOU, and let you know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! SINCERE THANKS FROM THE VT HIX LEADERSHIP TEAM!