Open BP Financial Planner

What is the OpenBP - Financial Planner

"Financial Planner" is targetted to make the greatest possible use of your present and expected financial resources. The planner generates reports that show ballpark estimates of your future financial situation, and are intended only as a basis for discussion with your professional advisors. The estimates shown in this report are based on many assumptions that may or may not occur. Both principal value and investment returns will fluctuate over time.

What is the Open BP Business Planner

"Business plan engine" is targeted to cater to the needs of a Business plan maker. It is entirely web based. Plans are available on the web and can be shared within the enterprise, editable by those given access to; Our goal is to accomplish paper less planning outputs and tools, that can be dynamically accessed, updated, synchronized, and made available to all the users and above all, be printable in a presentable format.

What is the Open BP Business Planner

The Financial Planner is a project which clearly gives the Forecast of an Org./Company after certain period. The project mainly deals with six major steps.

1. Assumptions and Comments Worksheet.

2. Starting Balance Sheet.

3. Profit and Loss Forecast.

4. Cash Flow Forecast.

5. Balance Sheet Forecast.

6. Key Ratio's.

The additional features of the Project.


Voucher Entries.

1.Ledger Entries.

2.Stock Entries.

3.New Group Creation.



2.Multi account Printing.

3.Multi Voucher Printing.

This additional feature adds more effect to the project. The Display gives the details about the Trial Balance, Accounts Book, Statement of Inventory, List of accounts. The Exception Reports explains about Negative Stock and Ledgers, Overdue Receivable and Payables, Memorandum Vouchers, Optional Vouchers.

The Multi account printing deals with Account Books it contains Cash book, Bank book, Ledgers, Sales Register, and Purchase Register. The Multi Voucher printing deals about the voucher reports.

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