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Products at ARMO

At ARMO we have pioneered to develop open source products and eCommerce projects, here is the synopsis of some projects.

Data Dictionary Tool/Siebel Repository

At ARMO, we develop custom decision support, reporting tools and planning systems tools to aid business development and enhance quality of design of software solutions.

The Data dictionary is a reporting system customarily made for the CRM Siebel repository. Clients needing a report on the relationships between their repository objects can benefit from this report. This report can typically aid in design cycles of second and ongoing phases of implementation. The data dictionary report provides mapping between Views, Applets, Business components, Fields and Columns. The dictionary is presented by grouping all objects pertaining to a view together.

eDiscovery/ Microsoft applications.

The eDiscovery tool to be developed by armo-consultants will allow eDiscovery product users to seamlessly analysis data, estimate cost, decide on reviewable strategy, Data Minimization Strategy, Review Tool, Production Strategy, and Reporting which are part of its workflow.

armo-consultants resources will interact with the industry experts during the Software Requirement Study (SRS) and the development will be handled at armo-consultants. The deliverables of this project will be handed over to Clients at the end of the project and subsequent warranty support will be handled from armo-consultants.


We develop applications for ARC of NJ, Speciality Insurance and Veebidz International. We use Amazon Web Services as our solutions. We propose Amazon web services for all eCommerce hosting and we had led client to success using this powerful environment and we are able to develop Rapid appliactions, and deploy them rapidly in the most economical way where clients need not invest in the robust hardware. We use Amazon EC2 and are developing expertise in the area. We also work on iPhone and Android Apps.


We have created dashborads using cyrstal Xcelcis for Whitmor supply retain chain and have provided proof of concept for Wyeth Pharma with our alliance Jud

Business plan Engine, J2EE application.

At ARMO, we develop custom decision support and planning systems using open-source software using Java/J2EE framework.

OpenBP (Open Business Plan) is a web-based application allowing potential customers to type their business plan at their own speed. The on-line feature will allow a reviewer to challenge the business plan by editing it directly or by putting aside comments. A Business Plan template will be provided to help customer editing the pages. The updated business plan will finally be sent over to the customer according to the desired file format [PDF, Word, HTML,].