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Solutions and Technology

Consulting Solutions

ARMO Specializes in its consulting services and its guidance and mentoring to its consultants to be a weapon of success for its clients. ARMO partners with leading technology partners to accomplish continuous staff consulting services.

ARMO also meets its client business and management users and propose and provide project solutions, team planning and gap analysis and planning and estimate services. ARMO's pride is in its employees and consultants who are ambassadors to ARMO's Practices.

ARMO Niche Practices

ARMO Specializes in the areas of CRM Siebel, Business Intelligence, and Web technologies. Each Practice is led by a Practice Manager who is an expert is his area and provides mentorship, direction and guidance to its consulants. ARMO is known for its technology expertise in its practice areas with a good user forum.

ARMO Niche Practices

Our Siebel practice focuses on providing consulting services in the areas of Siebel configuration, Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager, Siebel EAI, Siebel Analytics. It also plans to train all its consultants on Siebel Analytics and Oracle Fusion in the coming quarters.