Training Program - Business Objects Enterprise

Introduction to Course

Business Intelligence technologies are the most sought out solutions by the industry as they enable decision support and critical cost savings for the industry. A Career in Business intelligence technologies is very rewarding and satisfying.

We invite motivated individuals beginners or experienced professionals who are interested in making a skilled career in Business objects Enterprise Technology.

The course is exhaustive with introduction to warehousing and intelligence technologies and comprehensive instruction in Web intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Universe Designer, Dashboard, Administration, Crystal Xcelsius, and Integration.


To be successful, learners who attend this course must have working knowledge of SQL and RDBMS concepts, OLAP concepts and Pass a SQL test, to be inducted into the course

Logistics of the Course

This comprehensive instructor-led course that will span over 8 weekends (8 hours of Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday); After the 8 weekends, students are expected to complete a live project for 2 weekends. Venue of Instruction will be our Parsippany office during the weekends.

The lectures are conducted on the weekends by industry experts having significant background and over ten years experience in the area of Business Objects Enterprise.

Every lecture is concluded with an interactive laboratory session which is to be completed by the following weekend. Students must dedicate atleast 4 hours every week to be able to complete the lab work;

Every Saturday morning before the class starts a test will be conducted to test the students on the previous week?s lectures and laboratory session.

Students while completing laboratory work during the week can email our experts with questions and discuss issues depending on their availability.

Students are encouraged to discuss their issues they faced completing labs during the class.

Project Work

After the Completion of the 8 week course students are additionally required to finish an assigned project in the time span of 15 to 20 days. The project will be a real time project. Completion of the project will give students the hands on experience to perform in the industry.


The target audience for this course will be beginners with a US Masters degree or experienced professionals in either Microsoft .NET area or Java or any other relative technology who have a serious interest in pursuing Business objects technologies.

We also invite professionals with SAP BEX or SAP BW experience looking to move on to Business objects technologies.

What you get out of the Course

Students will be able to understand the BusinessObjects Enterprise interface and architecture, reporting in detail, build complex reports using Web intelligence and Desktop intelligence, Xcelsius.

Start of as a junior developer in the industry where Web intelligence is being implemented.

Experienced students may be able to participate in Migration activities and Server administration

Experienced students may also be able to participate in data integration projects between external systems and Business objects using Service oriented Architecture Concepts, Query as Web service.

Exceptional beginners with service oriented architecture background in their course credits may also be able to participate in integration projects using Query as Web service.

Junior developers will be able to get a big picture of the Suite of products and be able to decide their career path.

Certification Goal

This is a core course designed with the BusinessObjects Enterprise Certified Professional (BECP) certification process in mind and designed in the specific levels to take the certification test.


Top performer of the course will get scholarship of 500$ to take Business objects certification test.

Contact Details

Please call us at 973-917-4139 or email us at to discuss logistics.

Print Application Form

Please click on link below to save and print our application form for training; Please email form along with your resume to and we will contact you promptly.

1) ARMO BA Training Application Form

Course Outline

Level 1- Report Designers and Data Manage
  • *    Introduction to Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Business Objects, Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, integration and Administration
  • *    InfoView
  • *    Web Intelligence
  • *    Desktop Intelligence
Level 2 - Advanced Reporting and Universe Designing
  • *    Universe Designer
  • *    Dashboard builder
  • *    Creating Sets
Level 3 - Systems Administrators, Architect and Server Installation
  • *    Set up and Installation
  • *    Managing security, users and content.
  • *    Administrating and Migrating server
Level4 - Other Reporting Tools
  • *    Xcelsius
  • *    Data Connectivity
  • *    SAP- Integration Techniques
  • *    LiveOffice Demo