ARMO Web Technologies Practice.

Our Web practice specializes in providing consulting services in the areas of Microsoft .NET, ASAP and C#, with emphasis both on front end and back end and web development. We also focus on enterprise Java technologies using WebSphere and J2EE technologies. We are also focusing on developing Open source products in this area. We are working on obtaining in house projects in this area. Our Full stack Java consultants focus on front end and backend technologies in SQL server and Oracle databases and Java Framework, just as J2EE, struts, Hibernate, Spring etc. Our eCommerce consultants focus on proposing solutions using the powerful Amazon EC2 architecture and PHP/My SQL environments. We take up projects from local NJ clients needed eCommerce and web development and develop applications through dedicated business analysis and a dedicated PHP support team.

We have significant expertise in Web technologies spanning Java, full stack, Microsoft .NET, PHP, Amazon web services, eCommerce portal and products.

Recognizing the Web as a vital component in conducting business, our teams of motivated Web designers, application specialists and technology practitioners have gone ahead and implemented solutions using Microsoft® and Java technologies. These solutions include frameworks for eCommerce, enabled business interfaces and more.

Building applications for the Web involves more than just designing and programming. An intimate knowledge of visitor behavior helps with designing user friendly interfaces. Up to date knowledge of security concerns and leaks are used in deploying highly secure and hacker proof solutions.

Our developer build to combines the vast power of the World Wide Web with the potential of a global audience. It allows a radical reduction of the time traditionally spent on recruitment related tasks and their administration. With features like a search engine, advice columns, online chat, discussion boards, our solutions provide an efficient solution for the requirements of our customers.

TALENT CONNECT an online website. The model operates very similar to linkedin. Talent Connect is a revolutionary state of the art website, utilizing high definition and graphics. With our strategy, we envision networking over 10,000 users per annum to each other and sponsors, in the areas of extreme music art, artisans, handicrafts and photographers and create a world class platform for social networking among talented professionals. Artists can land a professional contract.

We have also initiated other projects.

Product Development


ARMO has extensive experience in web consulting, data warehousing, PHP, Oracle and Business Intelligence Consulting. Their clients consist of companies such as GE, International Securities, IPSOS, and Community Care Networks. With proven expertise in project management and delivery. Their employees have Silicon Valley experience. They will be employing state of the art AWS and PHP developers for this project.

Amazon has a long history of leveraging decentralized IT infrastructure. By 2005, Amazon had spent over a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars building and managing the large scale, reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that powered the operation of one of the world’s largest online retail platforms. ARMO solutions has expertise for managing the Amazon cloud server and the web site development and enhancements.